Ghost Women

Ghost Gaze

As we age as women, our identities blur at the  edges as we transform through the stages of maiden/mother/crone. In our Maiden stage we are often defined from an external viewpoint, from the male gaze. Other people are quick to define us and pin us down in their belief of what we are. In our Mother stage we are beloved in the eyes of our children. What happens to us when we reach our Crone years when the children grow up and the male stops looking? Do we blur at the edges, become less defined? Do we become abstract shapes, background patterns?


In our crone years our gaze turns to you. We are watching, our piercing eyes are clear and we see everything.

The Invisibility Tardis Shed of Navel Contemplation

The Invisibility Shed

with Adriano DiGaudio

Shed, Mirror Acrylic, Screws, Disco

The hideaway is clad inside and out with mirror. The mirrored shed is ‘invisible’ from the outside so it reflects the environment. Inside the mirrored interior makes the space seem to reflect to infinity, but also reflects every aspect of the visitor from all sides. Inside visitors can either record a confessional, revealing your inner personal secrets in an anonymous environment, or activate the speakers and glitterball and have a private, solo disco.

Glue Works

Glue Works

Playing with colour and shadow, these series of glue works are about playing with unconventional materials. 'Drawing' with heat extruded thermoplastic, Clare creates these - sometimes monumental - installations with intricate pattern and shape. This technique was also used to create a bright, oversized jewellery collection.

Works shown include commissions made for the Crafts Council and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.